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Clinics & Services


Medication Reviews

We offer an annual medication review to each patient on repeat medication, particularly if they have a chronic health condition. If you have a medication review indicated on your repeat medication sheet but do not think you need a review (e.g. stable, well-controlled asthma) please leave the doctor a brief note.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Please telephone the surgery for the latest update on this service.

Person-Centred Care

We think you are the most important person in deciding what matters in your health care. Health care professionals should work with you as an equal partner. They will seek to understand you and your carers and to give you a say in your care. They will bring together services to achieve the outcomes which are important to you. Person-Centred care planning puts patients and their carers at the heart of all decisions.
It can help you to agree a care plan with your Doctor. You will be able to talk about:

  • Your condition/s
  • How your health issues affect your life
  • What is most important to you
  • What do you want to do
  • What more can you do for yourself to improve your quality of life if you were given the right support

This will help you to manage better and keep your condition/s under control. If you would like more information, please arrange to see a GP.

Practice Nurses

Practice Nurse Appointments

Routine appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. The Nurse provides general health checks and health promotion advice, including diet and smoking cessation.

Appointments can be made for blood pressure checks, immunisations including travel vaccinations, cervical smears and well woman advice, dressings, suture removal and ear syringing.

Contraception Advice

Our Practice Nurse Michele can provide pill advice. Other forms of contraception can be discussed with a Doctor but maybe referred to Sexual Health Clinic Please check with a Receptionist when booking your appointment.

Healthcare Assistant

Health Care Assistant Appointments

Routine appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The health care assistant provides general health checks and health promotion advice, including diet and smoking cessation.

Appointments can be made for blood pressure checks, blood tests, asthma checks and sprirometry tests.

NHS Health Checks

The NHS Health Check is a sophisticated check of your heart health. Aimed at adults in England aged 40 to 74, it checks your vascular or circulatory health and works out your risk of developing some of the most disabling – but preventable – illnesses.

Think of your NHS Helath Check as being your “midlife MOT.” It checks that some of your body’s most important systems are all running smoothly. Among other things, your blood pressure, cholestrol and BMI will all be checked and your results given to you.

Crucially, your NHS Health Check can detect potential problems before they do real damage. Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and some forms of demetia. The good news is that these conditions can often be prevented.

Your NHS Health Check will assess your risk of developing these health problems and give you personalised advice on how to reduce it. It’s free of charge, including any follow-up tests or appointments.

Our Health Care Assistant can complete your NHS Health Check, available to all 40 – 74 year olds. Please follow the link for further information.


Maternity Service

These Services are provided by the community midwife.

Antenatal Clinic

The Practice provides an antenatal clinic by appointment with the Midwife on Thursday mornings.

Patients who have a positive pregnancy test should book an appointment to see the Midwife at around 10 weeks.

Most ante-natal care is shared between the Primary Care Team and the Hospital.

Please ring the surgery to make an appointment for our antenatal clinic.

To contact a midwife at all other times, please call 0114 2268301.


Listening Service

This service was established for patients struggling with stress and needing to talk in confidence. The hour long appointments are offered by specifically trained listeners and offers the patient an opportunity to verbalise issues and reflect, so allowing them to find their own solution. This service is open to all patients and appointments can be made directly by the reception staff accessing the Listening Service diary. For some patients this may be a helpful prelude to the counselling service.


As part of the improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) programme in Sheffield,   a structured approach in dealing with debilitating conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders is offered. If you wish to make an appointment please see a GP who will signpost you to an appropriate service. For more information or to self-refer, see the IAPT website.