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NHS Health Check

All patients aged 40 to 74, without conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or hypertension are eligible for a NHS Health Check.

This involves blood tests, measurement of blood pressure, a discussion about lifestyle and an estimation of your personal risk of having a heart attack or stroke (as well as developing conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease).

We have started the process of inviting all eligible patients for a NHS Helath Check, but this will take some time. If you wish to have a NHS Health Check but have not yet been invited, please contact reception who will be delighted to arrange an appointment.

The following leaflet provides more information. If you require this in another language, please contact reception.

NHS Health Check leaflet

It is estimated that nationally, the NHS Health check programme could prevent around 1600 heart attacks and strokes a year, saving 650 lives a year. It could also prevent over 4000 people developing diabetes.