Listening service

Porter Valley Primary Care Network Listening Service

Available Locations Carterknowle & Dore Medical Practice | Falkland House Surgery | Greystones Medical Centre | Nethergreen Surgery | Rustlings Road Surgery | The Hollies Medical Centre

What is a Listening Service?

All of us find ourselves facing difficulties from time to time and in a busy, sometimes stressful life, it’s important that people know that they are being listening to. Each of us is more than just physical. The health of our inner self can affect our well-being in every other aspect.

You may find it helpful to talk to someone independent, who has time to listen and is experienced in supporting people through life’s challenges.

Why use it?

If you are:

  • Facing difficult choices- at home or work
  • Wanting to identify what you think or feel about a situation
  • Feeling the pressure of life
  • Needing the strength to face an illness or difficult situation
  • Trying to cope with the loss or illness of a family member or friend
  • Experiencing anxiety or stress
  • Concerned about any other issues

the Listening service could help you.

Life through COVID has been, and is, difficult and we all need opportunity to chat in a safe space

Talking to a Listener may

  • Enable you to offload and ‘get out’ what’s ‘held in’
  • Help you identify your feelings
  • Help you clarify your thinking
  • Help you see the situation differently
  • Enable you to identify support you may need and/or action you want to take.

Being listened to without interruption may help enable you to resolve issues or identify positive action you could take.

To make an appointment

Your doctor, nurse or other member of the team may suggest you might like to use the Listening Service and if so: Your GP will advise you how to book an appointment

The Listening Service

The Listening Service is provided by South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Service, a charity with experience in supporting individuals in a variety of circumstances. The service is not counselling or advice-giving. We offer an independent, confidential service, and all our Listeners work to a code of practice which is available on request.

The Listeners will listen to your story and reflect back what you say. They will ask you questions, encourage you to explore and process your thoughts and feelings, and summarise occasionally. They will not counsel or advise. If appropriate, they may suggest other forms of support that could help you.

Sessions last between half an hour to 50 minutes.

Our leaflet can be downloaded by clicking here.


We are keen to get feedback from service users to ensure the effectiveness of this service. If you have used the Porter Valley Primary Care Network Listening Service please can you take a few minutes to complete our Listening Service Feedback Form here