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Meningitis Vaccination

Meningitis ACWY

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is being offered in response to a rapid increase in cases of a highly aggressive strain of meningococcal disease group W. This disease can cause meningitis and septicemia that can kill in hours and those who recover may be left severely disabled. The vaccine also protects against three other meningococcal groups too – A, C and Y.

Currently, all young people born between 01.09.1998 and 31.08.1999 are eligible to receive the four-in-one Meningitis ACWY vaccine. In addition, students under 25 starting university for the first time are also eligible. We have contacted all young people born between 01.09.1996 and 31.08.1997 informing them about this vaccination. If you are outside of the age range but are starting University for the first time, you will not receive a letter, but please make an appointment anyway.

Please contact Reception to arrange an appointment with Michele, our Practice Nurse to be given the Meningitis ACWY vaccine.

There is more detailed information available on the NHS  website at

Meningitis B

Meningitis B is a serious illness which currently affects 500 – 1700 people each year. It is most common in children under 5 with a higher number of cases in babies under 12 months.

All babies born on or after 01.05.2015 will be offered  the new Meningitis B vaccination and it will be given at the same time as other routine childhood vaccinations. The Meningitis B vaccinations will be given from 01.09.2015 onwards.

In most cases three doses are given, two by 4 months and one at 12 months. In the other cases, only one vaccination at four months is needed as well as the booster at 12 months.

Furthermore, whilst fever can be a side effect of most childhood vaccinations, it is more common when the Meningitis B vaccine is given. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of fever, the Department of Health recommend that you give your baby a dose of paracetamol as soon as possible after vaccination.

There is also more detailed information available on the NHS  website at

Further, MenB leaflet is a leaflet that explains all aspects of the Meningitis B vaccination program.

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